Italian Space Spotlight: Bianca Cefalo

Our office celebrates the contributions of Italian women to advancements in the ever-expanding field of aerospace. Specifically, we are pleased to spotlight Bianca Cefalo, Founder & CEO of Space DOTS® Ltd and one of our first ????“???????????????????? ???????? ???? ???????????? ???????? ???????????????????? ???????? ????????????????????”????campaign ambassadors.
Since she was knee-high in Napoli, Bianca always had ambitions to dive into the scientific world, reading up on the latest developments in aerodynamics, robots and emerging tech in her free time. Bianca’s passion for science would only continue to grow.
At 23 years old, she moved to Berlin and became the youngest Italian analyst ???? assigned to the HP3 Instrument on the NASA/JPL Insight Mars Mission, which landed on Mars in 2018. She’s actively contributed to the delivery of multiple science missions, disruptive innovation roadmaps and commercial Spacecraft platforms, Payloads and Telecommunication Satellites sponsored by NASA, ESA, DLR, UKSA and EU????.
Her talents have brought her to live in London where she’s a proud Feminist, STEM Ambassador and a public speaker. Bianca has a long held and strong dedication ???? to helping bring more women to the table of aerospace through mentoring, advocating, and taking her time to speak with groups of young women exploring the sector. She’s the proud CEO & Co-founder, Space DOTS® Ltd, International Business Director of Carbice Corporation (based in Atlanta, GA) and member of the boards of directors of a plethora of budding Aerospace companies and organizations (Lunargistics, TRENDS Research & Advisory and Cosmica Space Consulting, to name a few).
We’ve been very fortunate to have her support along the campaign and are proud to spotlight some of her accomplishments.

Published On: July 29, 2022|Categories: There is a lot of Space in Italy|
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